Jarlsberg® Folios Cheese Dip Bowl with Ham

Servings: 8 Source: Lotitofoods.com

Make 2 Jarlsberg® Folios Cheese Wraps bowls following directions on package.

Roll the other 2 Jarlsberg® Folios Cheese Wraps, and chop them into small strips. Place in a mixing bowl. Also roll the sliced ham and chop into small strips and add to the bowl. Then, add all remaining ingredients, except for the chives and lettuce leaves, and stir until ingredients are well mixed.

Take 1 leaf of lettuce and place in each Jarlsberg® Folios Cheese Wraps bowl. Then, fill each bowl with half of the dip. Top each bowl with diced chives. Place bowl in the middle of a plate and surround with slices of pumpernickel bread. Makes 2 bowls to share with up to 8 people.